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Ce te doare? Ce ai? How are you getting on? The aim of the National Health Service is to give free medical advice and treatment to anybody and everybody who needs it. The care and the advice provided is comprehensive; it covers the services of a general practitioner, hospital specialists, hospitals for the chronically and the mentally ill, opticians, midwives, dentists — also the drugs and appliances prescribed.

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But the general practitioner — the family doctor — is the king pin. It is on him that the whole system pivots. Every person of sixteen years of age and unguent of varicose day night can register with a general practitioner parents and guardians register for the undersixteens.

Mr Smith is feeling slightly unwell with a headache, but is not ill enough to stay in bed.

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He decides to go to see the doctor. Mr Smith takes the prescription to the nearest chemist. At the chemist he will for the first time bring out his money. He will pay 75 pence per item on the prescription, no matter how expensive the item.

Other people who unguent of varicose day night also exempt from payment include some people who have very low incomes or who are suffering from a chronic illness. Most British hospitals are owned by the State and maintaned by contributions from the National Health Service. Besides General Hospitals for injured persons and those suffering from different diseases, there are maternity hospitals for expectant mothers; and special hospitals, for diseases of the eye, diseases of the ear, nose and throat; diseases of the skin; as well as for pulmonary tuberculosis TB and cancer.

General Hospitals provide accommodation and treatment for in-patients, who all the time they are ill remain within the hospital and who are allowed to see their relatives and friends only at fixed hours.

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At the same time they provide for out-patients, who attend for treatment at stated times and at regular intervals. The rooms in a hospital in which the patients stay are called wards.

A sister is in charge of the nurses and patients in a ward, and looks after everything in it including its proper ventilation and heating.

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She goes with the medical revizuiri de peroxid de hidrogen în legume varicoase on his rounds of the ward, and reports on each patient. In all her work she is helped by a staff of day-nurses and night-nurses.

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The whole of the hospital nursing staff is in the charge of the matron. The superintendent has charge of the whole hospital. He is a senior practitioner of wide experience. He takes special care of the operating theatre, where surgical operations are performed. He is helped by a staff of physicians and surgeons. B sees his patients on Tuesday and Friday between 4 p. A doctor must be sent for. Take a seat in the waiting-room, the doctor will see you directly. Doctor va primeste imediat How long do you think I am likely to wait?

It all depends.

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It may take an hour. What do you complain of? I often have giddy turns. I have got a fit of sneeze. My nose is all clogged up. What can I do to get rid of my headache? I have a sore throat; I am quite hoarse.

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I feel a pain in my belly. I feel a pain in the chest when I breathe. I have sharp pains in the back. My ears tingle. The wound is still bleeding.

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I have sprained my ankle; it is swollen. Can you prescribe something for me to cure the wound?

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